In and out.

A lot happens in a day.

It truly does.

From the highs to the lows, we experience many actions, feelings, emotions, people, places, and things throughout one day on this Earth.

And when we end the day, we get that time to process and balance ourselves as we sleep to reset for the next day.

I truly think that at the end of each day, I couldn’t get by without reflection.

I don’t want to look at the past beyond today in that moment – I just want to look at today.

And in that moment, whatever questions I may ask myself to help me think about the day (what I learned, how I can grow from that learning, how my actions affected myself and others, etc.), I try to root them all in the space of opportunity.

I want to take those moments and turn them into doors that are open to walk through.

Those doors can lead to growth, with myself and with others, as I maneuver through life.

What I don’t want to do is get caught drowning in my mind.

Being stuck in stressful waters of the mind is never the right place to be.

Especially when I’m trying to grow and learn, I can’t do that when I’m drowning.

Our mind always has thoughts that we swim through.

No matter what “body of water” in the mind we are in, we always are trying to swim to relief.


Peace of mind that what we are taking away from that moment is true, right, mindful, helpful, loving, full of learning, and full of growth with ourselves and with others.

So when my head hits the pillow each night, I want to go IN the doors of opportunity that have come from my reflection and get OUT of my head and it’s often stressful waters.

Our minds are powerful, so let’s use them to swim to relief.

Let’s grow withIN ourselves and with others.

Because this truly will get us to come back to Earth.


“I believe that a few words can change your day and your life.”

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