Featured Focus.

There are hundreds of things that come to our mind each day.

As we maneuver through tasks and challenges that the day provides us, we shift our focus with those changes in action.

However, our focus doesn’t always lock in properly to what is in front of us.

We have distractions – we have emotions – we have unexpected events.

When these things occur, it can be hard to feel like we have a focus at all.

When the day begins, I always have a focus.

This focus is the “Featured Focus” of my day.

No matter what batters me around and goes awry, I remain locked into that focus.

I can be deterred for a moment, but I eventually return to this featured focus.

When I explain this to people in my life, the common question is “What if that focus is no longer relevant later in the day?”

It is easy to move on from where this focus came from, but the key for me is that this featured focus stems from a positive mindset rather than a specific goal.

I always have goals for the day, but I truly believe you can’t reach them without your mind in the right place.

By holding my mind in that place and keeping my featured focus, I always believe I will reach that goal.

I know what my steps are, so it feels like natural motion when they get done.

When you get to that place in your mind, it’s easy.

It all just happens.

Yes, distractions occur and unexpected events happen.

But as I’ve put before on this blog: Just because there’s a wall doesn’t mean we stop.

We keep going. We keep making steps. We remain locked into our featured focus.

I encourage you to find what that focus may be today for you and lock it in.

You’ll be amazed at where you go.


“I believe that a few words can change your day and your life.”

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