Try and catch it.

A lesson I am learning is that time always seems to move faster and faster.

It does in fact fly.

Many times in Mac Miller’s music, arguably my favorite musician of all-time, he uttered the line “Time flies… try and catch it.”

Although this is a cliché, it always rang true each time I heard it.

Time will always fly – so why try to chase it?

Time will move as it moves – it is what it is.

So, in concurrence, we don’t need to be worried about when the time comes, because it ALWAYS does.

We can “catch” time by simply letting it come to us.

When we “try to catch it”, we are really just chasing it and desiring for more than exists.

In reality, we have to realize that we do have time. We always have time… it’s just about what we do with that time.

There’s no need to chase the hands as they go in circles.

The hand will always point to us and be outstretched when the time is right.

It’s amazing how often I see these things in retrospect, because I can point to a moment that happened in the near past where I didn’t follow my words.

But this is learning, people – You take those moments where you know you could do better, you find what you can do next time, and cement that into your mind’s work.

It’s not necessarily easy, but you’re aware.

So, as we continue to learn and increase awareness in our lives, let’s be reminded that we don’t need to catch time.

It’s not a chase – the right time will always come to us.


(drawing circles.)


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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