The thought of taking a moment to be still always presents itself highly in my mind.

Just a second to take a breath.

To think about what’s happening around me.

And no matter what I feel like I’m going through in that moment, I always feel calmness.

That simple pause to just breathe – to say “it’s okay” to myself.

It goes a long way.

Life progressively becomes faster and these moments becomes progressively important for me.

Now, this is obviously harder to do in the midst of a task, as we oftentimes don’t have time for a moment of stillness – or so we think.

In reality, we do have time.

Sometimes in the midst of those crazy moments of life, even a simple second to think about breathing can feel like a complete refresher.

I truly believe that all we need is to breathe and a few words to keep pushing forward.

The focus that our breath gives us, followed by the words we need to hear in the moment (whether it’s from ourselves or someone else), will always give us that calmness we need to keep taking steps.

I encourage you to take a moment today just to breathe.

If you have time today to be still, take it with thankfulness.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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