Don’t stop.

I began this blog 3 years ago to simply try something new.

To see if it helped me with life as I reflected in a new way.

As you know, it has become an integral and highly meaningful part of my life and it has turned into my philanthropy, in a sense.

I just love using words to build people up and help them grow.

As this blog has been running for 3 years, I was recently reflecting on other pieces of my life and how important they are to me.

All of these pieces are pieces that I see glued for a long time.

I don’t see myself losing them – they feel like a core part of me, now.

So, that’s where my message today is simple: Don’t stop.

Don’t stop interacting with those core pieces of your life.

Don’t stop acting on those things in life that help you grow and learn.

Don’t stop searching for betterment.

Don’t stop being thankful for these pieces in your life.

Don’t stop moving forward.

It’s always about the steps along the way to our goals, but just because we reach the “finish line” doesn’t mean we stop.

There’s always room to keep going – we just never realized how much greater we could be when we set our destination.

I encourage you to identify those core pieces in your life this week and plug them in to your schedule.

Keep interacting, growing, and reflecting, as these pieces continue to mold your days together and make you feel whole.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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