Feed your hunger for better.

We can be hungry in many ways.

Physically, we are hungry multiple times a day, and our body needs nutrients to keep going.

Mentally, we are hungry for the right focus and thoughts as we think through our day.

Emotionally, we are hungry for stability and achieving a peace.

Socially, we are hungry for the right balance of interaction and space.

As I think about all of the things we hunger for in life on a daily basis, I think about how much of this hunger is from impulse.

We react to something happening around us and our mind/body gives us a sense of hunger from that reaction.

No matter what it is we are hungry for, it exists in that moment.

And not all of this impulse hunger is bad, but we have to remind ourselves what we need to be fed, not what we want to be fed.

If we have a moment to analyze our sense(s) of hunger, we can usually tell if it is a hunger for “better”.

The hunger for “better” is hunger that is rooted in investment.

Hunger for improvement, taking steps with each bite as you maneuver through the day.

As I think about these hungers, I just want to take a moment when each hunger pain arises this week as I look to devour the dish that provides me betterment while setting aside the dish that provides me instant gratification.

Let’s indulge in the better.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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