Trust what you know.

I sometimes find myself in a place of “what if?”


It’s okay to prepare for a scenario, but not for it to become your reality before reality happens.

I’ve had to learn that planning for every single thing that could possibly happen makes me feel anxious 24/7.


I don’t want to feel anxious 24/7.


Mainly, constantly running “What if?” situations in my brain is a sign of overthinking.

Quite frankly, that’s what overthinking is:


Going beyond the reality to try and make something what it isn’t.


The world isn’t run by “if”.

It is run by “is”.


“It is what it is”, as they say.


The world gives us everything straightforward.

We know what’s in front of us, what is behind us, and what is here now.


I know that every time I am overthinking and over-analyzing, it is due to a fictitious mindset.

I am searching for something that is different from reality/truth to be the “right”.


Why do we tend to do this as humans?


I find it interesting we skip past the truth so often to just say “it can’t be that way… the truth can’t be this… what if…”


But, it is.


This isn’t meant to seem as negative as it feels.


It’s not like everything “just is what it is”.


The realities and the truths of the world come in different shapes and colors!

Some good, some bad.


The world is full of realities that make us gleam and some that make us scream.


We just have to accept and understand what is.


When your brain starts to run over your rationale, ask yourself “what is”.


As you begin to realize “what is”, it becomes easier to forget about “what if”.


We don’t want to have to go in circles – we want to find our point and understand it.

I hope we all can give our minds some rest and take in “what is”.


After all, “what is” is a beautiful thing:




As wild and crazy as some things “is”, it “is” a good life.

We just have to understand reality and what “is”.


Easier said than done, I know…

But, that’s what life “is”.



MM // 999

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