The importance of listening to yourself AND others.

When something is spoken, we should listen.

There is always something to learn from words.

Whether the words have positive, negative, or neutral intentions, each sentence within an ear’s reach is worth grabbing on to.


Listening is learning.


We can take what we hear and gather so much information about a person, place, thing, idea, emotion, etc.

When I catch myself not listening, I try my hardest to piece things together.


I get mad at myself, too.

I should always be listening.


When I am listening though, I am wanting to help others first and myself, too.

When we listen to others, it provides comfort, trust, connection…

Some feelings that everyone should feel.


But also when we listen to others, we are learning.

We are learning that the world doesn’t just work one way (our way).


The world works in so many ways… they say oftentimes in “mysterious ways”…


But they aren’t as mysterious when we listen.


I am always trying to learn, so I should always try to listen…

Even when I am speaking to myself.

I am telling myself things every single day and when I grab on and listen, I learn so many things.


If you are trying to tell yourself something and you won’t listen to yourself, it can make for quite the internal fight.


We don’t need to deal with fights.

Whether it’s with ourselves or with others, oftentimes it comes from a lack of listening and/or understanding.


I encourage you to try your best to listen to everything you hear today.

Whether it’s someone’s words, a bird’s song, a door’s creak, you can learn from what you hear.


Let’s listen and learn.


For ourselves and for each other.







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