Learning and doing my best.

Today is my first day at my internship.

Naturally, I have some butterflies.

Those butterflies aren’t rooted in fear – just the uncomfortable feeling of doing something new.

When new opportunities come into our lives, we have to realize we don’t know much at that moment about what we are doing.

We have to be willing to learn – we have to be willing to ask questions.


As I head into my first day, I am going to go in and ask questions.

I am going to go in and try my best.

I am going to go in and learn.

I am going to go in and communicate.


That’s all I know how to do, at the end of the day – to do my best.


As you head into what you have to do today, tomorrow, next week, or whenever it may be, remember to be willing to learn and to do your best.


Although our expectations for ourselves are always very high, we have to remember that those around us aren’t expecting perfection – they are expecting you to put your best foot forward with where you are.


I realize this today – I am just beginning this internship… this journey… this new chapter of my life.


I am going to put my best foot forward today.


I’ll put each step in the guidance that my co-workers give me as I learn how to do things.


I’ll remind myself that I am learning. Learning is always good.


I’m excited to learn. I’m excited to try my best.


I hope you are excited to take in the learning that you will get today and that you also go into today’s tasks with your best foot forward.


Let’s make today a good day to have a good day.



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