How patience becomes easier.

“Patience is a virtue.”


As I’ve discussed before, I have been in a period where I’ve had to wait for things to come.

I knew they were coming (and they were good things), but I couldn’t do anything about them because it wasn’t time yet.

Now that the time has come for these things to be a part of my life (my internship, my podcast, this blog, a new car, a changing schedule, etc.), I want to reflect on the time of patience that I endured.


At first, knowing that these good things were coming was relieving. I was glad that I was waiting for something that I knew would come and improve my life.

However, it became hard to be patient once I realized that I wanted those things to be a part of my life right away.

It was hard to wait.


However, one thing got me through the tough wait:

I told myself “You’re doing it. For the first time in your life, you are helping yourself. These good things that are coming are a result of your hard work, your learning, and your perseverance.”

I am finally proud of myself.


I then began to look back at what my previous patience looked like:

I couldn’t stop thinking about how unsatisfied I was with the previous few years of my life.

Any time I had to be patient in the past, I was mentally preparing myself for the good things to go away instead of the good things to come.

This thought always came to me because, for a long time, there was nothing in my life that was driving me on a daily basis.

Before my blog, before my podcast, before any career aspirations, before my fraternity involvement, I didn’t have much.


So, anytime my life had some substance, I was really happy and hoping that it would last forever.

I knew better than that, though.

The issue was that I wasn’t doing anything in my life to find what I needed – I needed community, I needed connection, I needed new passions.


Now that I have found those things as this new chapter of my life commences, I am so excited to work towards these new goals – these new opportunities.


Time is more on your side when you have substance in what you’re waiting for.

The time you have until it comes is the time where you can prepare and be thankful.


Being patient used to be an anxious task.

Now, it is a time of rest and a time to be thankful.


Thankful for more time.

Thankful for more opportunities.


Being patient isn’t always easy, but it becomes easier when you realize that it’s the moment in life where you get ready to turn the page.

Turning the page sometimes takes longer than other chapters of life, but it’s a part of our story.


I hope that we all are in one of these places in our story:

  • We are excited for the next chapter
  • We are enjoying the current chapter
  • We are in a difficult chapter, but we are learning, reflecting, and figuring out how the next chapter can be better


Going forward, I encourage you to be thankfully patient.


Be thankful for what has been, what is here now, and what is coming.


It’s all part of our unique, beautiful stories.


Cherish your story.

Cherish your time of patience.






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