After two exams yesterday, the rest of my September is pretty open in terms of my schedule.

I am pretty excited about that open time to relax, but I want to make sure it doesn’t go to waste.

I especially don’t want to let myself be bored and sit in negative thought because I’ve done that all too much lately.


I want a break mentally, but a break in my schedule sometimes makes me think even more (because I have time to).

I’ll be honest – I haven’t stopped thinking about everything the past week.

I’ve definitely dug myself into a funk of deep thought that I am ready to move past.

I like being in deep thought, but not so deep that I struggle to get out.


My goal this week is to continue to reflect and think about things going on my life while continuing to remove myself from those really deep, objectively negative thoughts.

I always want to open my mind up to let it work.

I just don’t want my openness to flood in the bad thoughts that I don’t need.


I need more of an open focus, rather than an open door.

My mind will not be a “free for all” of thoughts – it will be a “free for focus” of thoughts.


I definitely have a goal, and I will focus hard on keeping my mind in the right places while taking this downtime to relax my mind and body.

I’ll let you all know how that goes.

If any of you are struggling with letting go of deep thoughts, here’s something that helps me:

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and write down some of what’s on your mind on the paper.

Put it in a bulleted list and address one thing at a time.

Your time over these thoughts might take 5 seconds or 5 hours.

But by seeing what’s on your mind in a physical form, it is helpful to be able to visually grasp what you are dealing with.

Once you feel like you understand where you are with each thought, cross it out.


Being aware of what your mind is doing and what is bothering you is so important in being able to move forward.

Write it down, address the thought, process it, and move forward.

I hope this is helpful, as I do this frequently to clear my mind of what is seemingly holding me back.


I hope that you and I can successfully reflect this week and be able to keep our minds focused, relaxed, and open.

Open to what is good.




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