This summer taught me something important that I need to focus on and remember:

I need to chill more often.

And this goes further than escaping the Missouri humidity – I find myself wrapped in anxiety and nerves that don’t need to be there.

Some anxiety and nervousness is natural – it will happen whenever there is change, whenever you are not comfortable, when something important is happening, etc.

But I need to chill in the sense that I often create greater anxiety and nerves than what should be there.

It is easier said than done to calm those nerves, but I want to just acknowledge the nature of those feelings.


It is okay to be nervous.

It is okay to be anxious.

It is not okay to continuously let it get to you and hold you back from doing what you want to do.


Right now, I am doing better about sitting back and looking at every situation and telling myself to relax.

Let the mind and the body work how it works.

Realize that the nerves are there and embrace them for what they are.


Nerves and anxiety don’t show up if you don’t care about what you are doing.

Know that those feelings are because you are on the path you wanted to be.

You’re working hard, you’re getting better, and these feelings come with each step of the way.

So, let’s keep stepping, give ourselves a hug, and take our anxiety for what it is.


Let’s chill and succeed.

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