Connection. (+ Daily Posts)

Golf season is right around the corner, and for most of the summer, my swing has felt weird.

Not bad, just weird.

After hearing from a few people that have watched my swing and working on some things, my hands seem to be moving quicker than my body.

I’m not in sync!

When I was practicing a drill to help my arms and my body stay better connected, my mind was at work.

This drill and these realizations with my golf swing struck a lightbulb of thought in my mind.


Throughout every day of my life, I want to stay connected.

I want to stay connected to my motivations, my goals, my mind, my preferences, my friends, etc.

Connections go a long way – whether that be from person to person, mind to body, intention to action; they all take us further in life.


I want to constantly stay connected to everything around me while staying connected to what I want to be within.

Starting today, August 19th of 2019, I will be making daily posts to this site. Many will be fairly short like today’s post, as they will be constant daily reminders for myself and hopefully positive places of thought for all those who read each of my posts.


Here’s to a year of growth, betterment, and connection.


Let’s get it!


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