That picture up there?

The boy with the big smile?

That’s me!

I just came across this picture and it definitely made me smile.

I’m thankful for every time I feel that good in a day.

But, sometimes, I forget to be thankful – and that’s the message today.

I need to remind myself to be more thankful for the blessings and the good times.

This is another one of those “reminders” I discuss often.

Reminders are very important, and being thankful is one of the most important pieces of life.

Anytime we receive something good, we ought to be thankful.

So, when I look at the number of blessings I receive every single day, I can’t help but be thankful.


Why do I so often forget to acknowledge this though?

These moments of positivity shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially when, every single day, along with the good, comes plenty of bad.

And the bad hangs on tighter than the good, it seems.


When we make an active effort to hang onto the good, balance seems to be easily restored emotionally.

Reminders, such as saying thank you, are a simple way to keep your mind in the right place and to go through each day on two feet with your head up.


The number of blessings that we receive every day is enormous – we just have to remember to step back and embrace how amazing every single one is.


Embrace your blessings.

(And don’t forget to say thank you)




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