Quiet time.

Today might have been the quietest day I have ever experienced.

My office was empty at work. I focused on using that time to be productive.

My apartment was peaceful, just watching the cars through the now leafless trees at sunset.

Went on a walk with my dog and didn’t see a single person during the hour we walked.

Listened to some light instrumentals, made dinner at home.

It was all a quiet day.

But not all the same.

Some parts of the quiet day came with peace.

Having the world feeling so silent, it was a nice change.

Just me, my dog, and the simple noises of life moving around me.

Other parts of the quiet day came with restlessness.

When it is quiet around you, the noise of the mind starts to fill that space.

This morning, my mind was fixated on the mistakes of yesterday, putting a heavy weight on my shoulders for my actions and my words that did not align with my goals.

The mental and emotional movement of the day felt loud for a day that was physically quiet.

I find now that I settle into the evening and continue to watch the cars go by, listening to the typing sounds of my keyboard, I find that the quiet days show me so much.

The quiet days show me that alone time helps me fully recharge.

The quiet days show me that listening is always important.

The quiet days show me that my mind is louder than I think sometimes.

The quiet days show me that time also moves quietly.

We forget that time moves so quickly until we pay attention to the time.

The sun goes down at 5:30 PM now.

Then, I look back a few months in time and see how much has already moved around in my life.

Most importantly though, the quiet day brought me learning.

Instinctively, I expect the quiet days to be boring, lacking movement.

When in reality, the space that comes from that silence can bring the greatest learning opportunities.

As today winds down, I want to continue to just sit solemnly.

Recognizing the simple fact that quiet days don’t happen often.

And the quiet time is the present time.

So, I will sit quietly in the presence of time.

To listen, to breathe, to experience, to live, and to learn.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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