Up and down.

The reality of going through change is that there will be ups and downs.

Emotions can rollercoaster, the mind can wander.

When you are keeping busy, it seems easy to put the heavy stuff on the back burner.

But, we eventually have to face those pieces of change head-on when it all slows down.

We need to understand them, feel them.

Each day is theoretically easier, but we have triggers all over the place that place us in nostalgic, frozen states.

I am finding in a current time of change, it feels weird.

When anything in life moves its mold, it just feels off.

Your mind, your time, it all shifts.

Where your emotions, your heart, they aren’t quite ready for that shift.

It’s never easy when things are not in alignment, especially when you feel you can’t control that situation.

What can we do now?

The best answer I have found this week is acceptance.

This change is here, so we need to learn this.

We need to understand that we cannot ignore our feelings, what is happening now that the mold has changed.

You don’t have to be OK with it – you just need to see it and know it is there.

That’s the beginning of forward movement.

You can’t take steps if you don’t look it in the eye and shake change’s hand.

The handshake given to change is often weak.

Full of uncertainty, sadness, fear.

Each day, as we greet change again, that handshake becomes slightly stronger.

Simply from a mindset and vision of understanding, acceptance, and trial.

We don’t have to greet change with a smile, but we can greet change with respect.

Knowing this is where the mold lies and we should take that mold and use it.

Because if we deny the reality of our current mold, we will never align with where we truly are.

I challenge you to shake change’s hand today, even if it hurts.

It will feel a little bit more okay day by day.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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