Lately I have been realizing the importance of being still.

I always feel the need to be doing something, thinking about something, listening to something.

This week, especially today, I am taking the time to sit and be still.

I often place my mind in places where it seems to be “escaping”, but in reality I’m still spinning my wheels, it’s just in another environment.

Your brain can only spin for so long.

It’s not so much as turning it off.

It’s more like letting it idle.

Taking in each smell, each sound, each feeling.

Basically, being truly present in a moment.

I have found both sides of “presence” in my life.

There are times where my focus is acting on what is in this moment.

I see what is here, what I need to do, and I act.

Then, there is still presence.

This presence is what I’m currently describing – taking in what is present in this space/moment and sitting.

No action this time! Just understanding that this is the present.

Sometimes this stillness can provide what might come next.

We feel what is here now and we realize what we can do with this feeling.

I encourage you to find a moment today to be still.

No distractions and no actions.

Just sitting. Taking it all in.

It’s a nice place to be.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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