The importance of fun.

There are many things in life that I stress the importance of.

I work to give myself constant reminders of these pieces. I always want them to be a part of my daily living and experiences.

Perhaps one of the most important pieces that I often forgo is having fun.

I always just expect to have fun when I am doing things that I typically enjoy.

But, that is an expectation.

I always expect that things will go how I plan, that life will not throw curveballs, and that I will automatically have fun.

I have to remember that having fun starts with the mind being open.

When your mind is locked onto a piece of your life that isn’t in that moment, it’s hard to have fun.

When your mind is not present, it’s hard to have fun.

When your mind is putting pressure on the present, it’s hard to have fun.

All it takes is to just take it easy.

Take a load off of yourself.

Let yourself truly live and experience without expectations, requirements, etc.

To me, having fun is letting yourself live.

Stepping into the present moment with a smile and nothing else.

Having fun shouldn’t be hard.

In fact, I find that the most fun and enjoyable moments of life are moments that feel easy.

Nothing is forced. Nothing is required. Nothing is expected.

What comes comes and it is good.

It’s a simple equation that we often insert variables into and make it complicated.

I encourage you to take it easy this week and enter each moment with a smile.

I promise you will have more fun.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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