The Clock.

Time is a great metaphor, a great reminder, and a great asset to our lives.

I find myself often looking at the clock in thankfulness rather than anxiety.

We have many pieces in life that we make time for.

We always have some time as the clock spins.

The clock, to me, is a helpful tool for me to measure my progress towards a goal, while also reminding me where I am.

The clock gives me the current time and reminds me of where I am in the present moment.

It never tells me that I am running out of time – it simply tells me that where I stand in the moment.

What can I do in this moment?

In this minute?

In this hour?

In this day?

The truth is that we can do as much as we want – we just have to keep reminding ourselves of the moment.

Each moment comes with actions, choices, and opportunities.

Let’s continue to use the clock as a tool to help us move forward while remaining present.

The clock gives us time.

So, what will we do with it?


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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