One of the things I have wrestled with the most throughout my life is overthinking.

For as long as I can remember, I often put my mind through stress by getting stuck on the idea of something and continuing to flood my brain with thoughts (whether positive or negative).

We all do this as humans. We put our mind in a state of reflection and start thinking about all of the “what could have been’s” and we get stuck in the future thinking about all of the “what if’s”.

Towards the end of high school and early college, I found this happening to me way too often.

After some time in counseling my junior year of undergraduate study, I found myself beginning to grasp the present moment again.

I remember my counselor telling me that “Overthinking makes your brain work overtime. That’s the last thing your mind needs right now is more work.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

Our minds are always working so hard to figure out life, to react to everything thrown at us.

We don’t need our brains going to overtime because we are overthinking.

OT” (Overthinking) leads to “OT” (Overtime).

Returning back to discussing the present moment, when you catch your mind drifting into a state of overthinking, the best thing you can do is grab onto something in the present in front of you.

Whether it’s an action, a feeling, the weather, etc.

By simply telling your brain: “Let’s be here right now.” -You can unlock yourself from working overtime and allow yourself to truly enjoy what’s in front of you.

When we think about the term “overthinking” we think about anxiety, fear, regret.

Things that happen when we judge the past and the future.

By simply grabbing onto a piece of the present moment, we can give your mind some peace and keep it from working overtime.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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