I heard a quote today saying “I have too much to lose, I have to be cautious.”

I have always connected “caution” to “fear”.

A negative connection, but I understand the sentiment behind this quote.

I just hate the thought of living in fear – doing ANYTHING in fear.

When you truly sit down and reflect on all that you have in your life, there is so much that we have in our hands to be thankful for and care for.

Of course we do not want to lost those things!

Instead of living in fear of losing these things, I say we should be “careful”.

Or in a better set of words, “full of care”.

When we are showing care towards those pieces of our lives that mean the most to us, it is felt and it sticks with us.

Whether it is a person, an animal, an activity, an emotion, or anything else, when you are full of care towards those things, they reflect it back and stick with you because they feel you being careful.

Your actions always speak volumes.

When you can reflect your care in your heart for someone/something, it is always received.

Pieces tend to stick when you keep hold of them.

I encourage you to spend your day full of care for those people and things in your life that mean the most.

Just giving simple reminders to yourself and to them on why they mean so much.

Let’s be careful and full of care.

It means the most.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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