As I began my graduate studies yesterday, I already had a takeaway from my business courses that is very applicable to every day application.

I am a huge fan of that – any time that I can find something in one place that I know can make a difference everywhere, it brings a smile to my face.

The takeaway I had came from a discussion revolving around conflict management.

A term came up called “reframing”.

In the business world, a position that someone has in a conflict is taken in, “reframed” into an interest, and it helps a group understand stances as they work towards a collaborative solution.

As I think about the concept of “reframing” in every day life, I first think about how reframing my own stances is important.

We won’t always have others to play devil’s advocate or help us realize things, so we often have to step back on our own and tell ourselves what we deserve to hear.

That can be very, very difficult.

However, this concept of reframing seems very much to me like a “why is that?” analysis – something that can be very helpful.

Any time we have a thought to ourselves (“I’m hungry”, “I’m tired”, “I’m sick of my job”, “I am not having a good day”, etc.), we can step back and ask ourselves why we feel that way.

Every feeling we create has a root – once we find where that root comes from, we can truly step forward and begin to properly reframe and take action on this feeling.

So, once we answer our why, we can reframe our position into an interest – an interest that not only creates action and helps us make steps towards improvement, but also provides us with a positive outlook on something that was once a conflict… an issue… a negative aspect of our life at that moment.

Being able to “reframe” is something that I want to take into this week and beyond, as I continue to apply things that help me keep pushing towards goals, no matter what conflicts life throws my way.

I encourage you to take a step back today when a feeling creeps in. Figure out that “why” and begin to reframe your position into an interest that will carry you forward.

Gotta love learning.


(Thank you Dr. Phipps)

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