With the amount of tasks that each of us have to do every day, it can often appear overwhelming.

It’s never fun to wake up and immediately feel stressed.

However, I often find that breaking it down into “simple” steps helps guide me through a day.

Whether the day is incredibly busy or completely tame, I like to grab a sticky note and start making chronological bullet points.

I’ve found that putting my steps on a sticky note helps my perspective of getting things done without feeling overwhelmed. The sticky note, small in size, is always enough room for my steps for the day, but the nature of its small size leaves my brain in a spot of not thinking the day is too big for me to conquer.

The day is NEVER too big for us to conquer.

Once I’ve completed my “list” for the day, I look at each bullet point and ask one question: “How can I accomplish this?”

I don’t try to overwhelm myself with questions, either.

We generally know what we need to do in a day, so I just look at the picture and grab a detail if needed.

What we want to do as humans is make things simpler, not complex.

I’ve learned a lot from the complexities of life – if we pay enough attention, they show us how to place the puzzle pieces in a simpler way.

Today, my aim is to make it simple.

To take all that the day has to offer and to ask one question… take one step…

Just to do.

All I want to do today is keep it simple.

The best days are days where I can maintain productivity while keeping it simple.

So, there’s the aim.

Now, let’s see if the aim hits the target(s).


(resolving dissonance).

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