In life, I value connectionships.

Yeah, that’s not really a word, but let me explain what a connectionship is to me – we all have them.

I have relationships with many people in my life – coworkers, family, friends, alumni, my girlfriend, etc.

However, I don’t have a true connection with all of those relationships.

Many of those relationships feel more like acquaintanceships or friendships.

Connectionships are deeper.

Connectionships are relationships in my life, that I have, that are held together by a certain bond that me and someone else has together.

Whether it’s stemmed from a fraternity event I once had, a class I took, a job project I took on, etc.

No matter where it comes from, it is always strong bonded.

And there’s no fear of disconnection.

You KNOW that you’re connected with them.

I was thinking about connectionships this evening while driving with my girlfriend.

I am always so thankful for her, the care we have for each other, and our connectionship.

However, I also realized the importance of diverse connectionships.

I see how each connectionship I have in my life is so different and stems from different areas and times of my life.

Nothing but thankful for every single one of them.0

Where those connections come from with each person I have a deeper relationship with, they are sporadic.

If you drew a connection tree to all of these relationships in my life, they would go in all sorts of directions – and that is the beauty.

Not only is it important to have those rocks in your life that hold you together and you hold them together, but that not each rock has the same shape…the same outlook…

Having connectionships spread across your life experiences is wonderful in two ways:

  • No matter what is going on across your whole life, someone is there for you and can connect with you.
  • It is a great reminder, when you sit and realize how many connectionships you have, how much care is in your life.

I’m always an emotional person.

I think about this idea and am overwhelmed with feelings of joy, peace, excitement…

But it is all channeled into continuing to build those connectionships in my life.

I encourage you to take a look at your connectionships and realize how many rocks are in your life that are connected to you.

Those rocks help us get through the day – one of them is always holding our hand.

So keep building your connectionships – maybe we can build a whole rock farm out of them.


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