This morning, I finally got a grasp on something that I was trying to figure out for a while.

My initial reaction was a feeling of annoyance.

I was not happy that it took me so long to figure out what I wanted to know.


Why would I be unhappy that I figured something out?

I quickly realized how silly I was being in that moment.

I was using a positive thing (learning, reflection) and turning it into a negative for myself (calling myself stupid for not realizing my feelings on the situation sooner).

This is where I know I need to improve, and this morning was a positive step.

I know that something I need to work on is tearing myself down.

It’s so easy to do for me.

I don’t ever want to blame other people for things.

It’s easy to internalize negativity and push it onto my feelings at all times.


But, at least I know that I do this and want to keep it from happening.


So, this morning, another positive step happened.

I looked myself in the mirror with thankful eyes, knowing that the learning I got this morning from my reflection was positive.

I know that I can use this learning to make myself better.

And I will.

I will be better because I strive for that and I ask myself to be better.


My biggest takeaways from this morning are this:

  • Learning takes time. Just because I don’t understand right now, doesn’t mean I never will. Keep trying, thinking, reflecting, and the learning you need will come.
  • Be nice to yourself. It’s hard sometimes, but you deserve to value yourself before you can go out and give it your all to the world around you.
  • Keep striving for better. If you keep asking for something, it will eventually come. Make sure what you’re asking for is good for you, and there’s nothing better than being better.


For all of us, let’s let time work for us and learn with time.


“I’m trying to work it out.”




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