I kept trying to figure out a word to describe my mood the last few days.

I haven’t been sad, or angry, or confused, or down.

It took me a while to figure out that I have been distracted.


I have been out of focus.

Whether that distraction is self-caused or something around me distracts me, I have found that I haven’t kept my vision straight for very long.

I have a goal for each day and I feel as if I really haven’t completed any of them recently.

I don’t feel like I’ve failed, I just didn’t fully grasp that goal.


Cloudy vision from the distraction I have in front of me.

It’s felt like I am going through an obstacle course, but there is never a break.

I feel like I continuously get bombarded by distractions, again, from myself and outside sources.


I just need to find a way to refocus my vision during these distracted times.

What has helped me get back to focus?




Although each distraction holds me back for a period of time, I am aware that I am getting distracted.

I know how it started and I know how to refocus.


It just is hard sometimes to refocus.


I hope to continue being aware of my distractions and take the right actions to toss them to the side.


We all work hard to keep our vision clear.

It’s important to turn on our windshield wipers when it’s time to focus.


Let’s turn them on and shake the distractions so that we can all stay focused on our paths each day.







One thought on “Distracted.

  1. a true tool of satan is to distract us and get us off our game, just another reason to keep focused on the lord with all your mind/soul/spirit – routine time with him is so important to keep satan from dragging us into a stupor praying for you!!! dad


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