It’s easy to get in your own head.

We all do it from time to time.

For some, it happens more often than others.

For myself, I can say that is definitely the case.


Other people’s actions don’t typically bother me too much, just because I know that everyone is different than I am.

I don’t expect other people’s actions to align with mine.

However, when I stray from my own course that I feel I should be on, I beat myself up really hard.

It’s hard to function that way.

I get too wrapped up in every error I commit.

It’s dangerous to live that way.


However, I’ve found that being hard on yourself isn’t dangerous; It’s letting the criticism become unconstructive.

Criticizing and reflecting on mistakes is okay, as long as you are doing it in the right way.

It’s important to assess what’s going in your mind and how to continue moving forward.


Just because you have made a mistake doesn’t mean you are one.


Mistakes come.

We just have to understand that they are meant to learn from, not to hurt from.


My goal in the near future is to not let myself get in my own way.

I want to knock down those barriers I create for myself by simply being confident, understanding, and constructive.


I want to constantly do construction on myself to make myself better.

Construction sites typically come with danger within, but I don’t want to be a danger to myself.

I want to build myself properly into the man I know I can be.


No dangers allowed.



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