Waiting for the door.

I spent part of my weekend sitting in silence – just thinking.

I thought about a lot, as I usually do, but the one thought on my mind that I couldn’t get rid of was that “I should be doing something”.


I wasn’t bored. I just felt unfulfilled.

I felt like I should’ve had a specific purpose for the day…

And it felt like I didn’t.


I reminded myself that it’s okay to just take a day to relax and recoup.

But I still couldn’t shake that feeling of guilt that I should be making a difference that day.


I just felt kinda like a blob.


I realize now that the reminder I needed in the moment was that “I just need to wait”.

If Saturday was meant for me to recoup and relax, then that’s what it was for.


I shouldn’t harp too much on my every moment of every day – I should harp on the opportunities that present themselves when they come to me.

I don’t ever want to force anything to happen in my life. I want to make sure it is there for a reason and that I open each door when it comes my way.


There will be many doors available in your life.

I want to make sure that each door I open comes with time and is the right door for me.

I don’t want to open a door if it doesn’t feel right.


I just want to make sure that the doors I open make me better and those around me even better.


Here’s to opening good doors.
It’s okay to not have a door right now.


Just know that when it comes, it’s time to turn the knob.

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