A clear mind is a good mind.

Sometimes life can feel like a whirlwind.

80 things going on at once, and 79 of them are stressful or things to worry about.

We always have something going on, so it is hard to find those moments of relaxation.


When I do get that time of relaxation, I find myself concerned.

(I’m already worrying when there is nothing to worry about!)


With how busy our lives are, it feels odd to not have something immediate on our minds.

I’ve found these moments, where our mind is clear, are moments that we should be so thankful for and strive for.

Not only do those moments mean you’ve checked all of your “to-do lists” off, but you can sit back and know you made it through that step of your life and it’s time for the next.


Until it’s time for the next step, take that little chunk of time to relax and rest your mind.

It’s incredibly tiring to think in general, let alone all the time.

Thinking is stressful!

With how powerful our minds are, it should be a time of joy when our minds can take a break and recharge.

I encourage you to find a time this weekend to relax your mind and give yourself a little time to clear the busyness running through your brain.


Clearing the mind feels great.

You should feel great, too.



One thought on “A clear mind is a good mind.

  1. a couple things regarding this what does the bible say about worrying? its hard not to worry but its a real testament to our faith and what we do with our worry. Rest in the lord is where our peace comes from, its hard to leave it there with him and allow his will vs us trying to control our destiny. He will manipulate our direction regardless which direction we choose.  I love you,  Dad 


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