Open up to yourself.

I’ve discussed recently about the benefits of opening up to those around you.

I realize how difficult that can be.

It’s hard to be open and vulnerable with others around you.


I thought about my journey through life, and although opening up to my friends was hard and a big step for me, there was one step before that which made a huge difference:


Opening up to myself.


For the longest time, I would have excuses as to why I was depressed or why I was anxious or why I didn’t understand things.

I ignored my problems and covered them up.

We can only cover our stains for so long. A new coat of paint doesn’t make a stain go away, as they say.


Once I became aware of what was going on internally and was honest with myself regarding my problems, my world opened up.

It was a big step to tell myself that I needed to reach out to others and that I did indeed have issues to deal with. It wasn’t just “something” bothering me… It was me that was bothering me.


I want to always be healthy, whether that be emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, etc.

I want everyone else to be in the same position.


I could have never been in a place of health without being honest with myself and getting myself to make changes.

Getting caught in a rut is easy, but digging out of it takes effort.


Being honest with others takes effort, too.


Let’s be honest to ourselves, tell ourselves what we need to hear, and tell others what they deserve to hear.

Let’s be healthy.

“The little stuff is all progress. You just gotta trust the personal progress.”




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