As I make my way through each week of life, I have many takeaways.

I like to write them down and think about what I have learned and have experienced so that I can apply it going forward.

This week, my main takeaways were these:

  • Being busy is good, but sometimes you need rest.
  • Try not to be bored too much.
  • Know your balance.
  • It’s hard to let go of things sometimes.
  • Sometimes love is letting go.
  • It’s okay to not be okay.


All of these takeaways are mini-learning lessons that I can look at as I maneuver through what comes next for me.

The biggest takeaway for me this week is this:

  • Change your “worry list” to your “prayer list”.

I spend too much time worrying or being anxious about challenges that are ahead of me.

Instead of seeing these as potential problems, I need to remind myself of a few things.

  • I will not always be prepared. I want to be prepared for everything, but when it comes, it is time to deal with it, and I can do that.
  • Just because it is a change, it doesn’t mean that it is bad. Adaptability is an integral part of life, so when the road turns, we turn with it as best as possible.
  • I’m going to get through it. Even if it isn’t perfect, there will come a time when this stage of life is over, and a new one arises. I’ve gotten through everything to this point, why can’t I do it again?
  • Most importantly, surround yourself with the right supporting cast. You might not always need them to get through this next step, but when you do, make sure it’s the right people. When you have a few people and the Lord to help carry the weight on your shoulders, it seems much easier to push on through.

I love the Powerade slogan of “Power Through”.

There are times when I don’t feel like I have any strength.

There are times when I just want the weight to go ahead and take me down.

However, I have all of these people, these takeaways, and the Lord to help me power through each step of life.


Whatever helps you “power through”, find those thoughts, resources, and people that will give you that last push of strength to make it through.

We’re all gonna make it through.

Just one more push.

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