Care over Fear.

I always talk about how much I learn each day in life.

Lesson after lesson comes, and I am so thankful for all of them.

The most recent lesson I’ve learned is putting my cares before my fears.

I often find myself in situations that are controlled by my fears.

My fear will overtake my rationale and I will begin to drift from what I know and want.

When you get too far in that place, it is hard to convince yourself you can get out.

No matter how bad you want it.


A few days ago, I sat down and wrote down the things I care about the most.

The things in life that I want to have every day, that I want to spend my time in, that I want to surround myself with.

All of the things on my list I reflected on. Why they matter, what they do for me, etc.

All of these things, on different levels, I care about so much.

I soon came to the discovery/life lesson:

If I put myself in the places that I care for the most, I don’t even need to worry about my fear.

I know that the things I care for and want to be around are the right places.

Those are the places that put my fears to the side.

They are the people that help me along as my fear tries its hardest to somehow catch me slipping.

Care puts fear on the backburner.

I am not scared of what’s next, what’s here now, or what has happened when I am in a place of care.

Care is beautiful.

Fear is ugly.

I’ve come to know that caring is powerful and can take you many places.

Fear only has power when you give it power.

Care has power by just simply being there.


I used to hate caring.

I felt like it was too much for me.

But I now know, fear is too much for me.

Caring can be a lot, but it is all there to help me feel comfort.

Caring is there to help me feel loved.

Caring is there to help me feel at peace.

Caring is there to help me be me.


Care > Fear.





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