The grind.

If this were a year ago, I would be scared.

I would be questioning myself and wondering if this is exactly what I wanted out of life.

Where do I want to go from here?


The future used to be a major question for me – but I know where I am headed.

I know where I want to go.

This place is filled with things that feel right to me.

I am not misled.

I am not concerned.

I am sure.

I know that this is where I want my life to be because it finally feels right…


You know when you just get that feeling?

A feeling you’ve never felt before?

Unlike any other?

That’s happening.


Clarity brings peace and it is loud and clear to me where I am headed.

One of the biggest drivers of life is the grind.

Life is ALWAYS a grind, so you must enjoy and embrace it.

If you are constantly grinding and pushing and working, but it doesn’t feel right, then pivot.

Grinding towards something that doesn’t feel ultimately worth it is a waste of time.

Life is hard and work is hard, but you can still enjoy it.

Plus, the feeling you get when you overcome the grinds of life is amazing.

That’s why your grind should be geared in the right direction.

Knowing that direction is hard to obtain…


But I am blessed to finally know and understand that direction.

I am ready for this next chapter.

This next grind.

I know where I need to be.


I know.


“Love the process and the grind as much as the results.” – Anonymous


One thought on “The grind.

  1. When you say ” a feeling you never felt before” is like when you come to Jesus and profess your faith and ask him to save your soul and accept him. It’s such a peace you can’t describe. So glad you have that feeling about your next stage in life and have found the place, so to speak. The grind becomes a joy.


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