Reminders make me motivated.

I constantly think about what I want to do going forward.

So many options in life.

So many paths to take.

It’s honestly really stressful.

What if I choose the wrong path?

What if I get stuck in a certain direction?

What if I fail?

In these moments, I used to get overwhelmed and let fear take over.


Now, in these moments, I remind myself of what I think I am good at, what I want to do, and what I feel is the right direction.

I love to do the following:

  • Make/Listen to music
  • Play basketball
  • Play golf
  • Talk about sports
  • Watch sports
  • Write books/stories/blogs/anything
  • Helping people through emotional strife


Then, I think about how I could insert those things in my life as I go forward:

  • Get equipment and software to make music, learn how to use it all going forward and write all creatives I make down on paper to come back to.
  • Play basketball and practice to get better.
  • Play golf and practice to get better.
  • Get equipment for a sports podcast or youtube channel, learn how to use it all going forward and keep all of my ideas down to come back to and create.
  • Consistently work on my writing skills, write everything I want to put down going forward and create.
  • Be a useful resource to those who need to get through hard times, learn how to counsel those better and how to be there for people in all kinds of scenarios.
  • In all of these areas, I want to network as much as I can to get support as I navigate each of these areas.


When I play devil’s advocate for myself, I think about what could go wrong or if I fail.

At first, I scare myself with those possibilities.

However, the most important reminder that I tell myself that I want to stick with me as long as I shall live is this:


  • If I am doing what I love and trying my best, it doesn’t matter what happens. Being at peace with myself, knowing that I am where I am supposed to be and putting my best foot forward is all I need. Failure is a part of life, but it is a lot easier to jump back up when what you are chasing is something you know is right. God will help me up and have my back. I know I’ll keep chugging. I always have and I always will.

That’s all that matters to me.

Being at a mental peace and knowing that my foot going forward is where I want to go.

Now, it’s just time to put that foot forward.

I can’t wait.

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