Find a listener.

Tonight, I needed to rant.

And I had no idea I had to do so.

It was not a rant rooted in anger, rather one rooted in confusion and emotional stress.

I rarely rant about a serious topic, but once I started thinking about what was on my mind in complete form, I just went off on a tangent.

More like 40 tangents.

I hadn’t talked to many people about anything serious as of late.

I think this was the main contributor to the rant and the point I want to make.


Even when you don’t think something is bothering you, it will eventually come to the surface, usually when you don’t expect it.

And when that time comes, it helps so much to talk about it with someone.


The times that these feelings come to the surface, and I am alone, it immediately turns into an internal fight and I start to stress myself out.

I can’t get any other vision than my own and it soon gets cloudy.

I have found that by talking with someone who can just listen to me while I figure out how I feel is so helpful in knowing that they could provide a new perspective on these feelings, someone else can understand what I am dealing with, and most importantly, I know that just by them being there, I am not alone.


Whether it is an emotional rant, an idea, a question, a story, or just a sentence, it is so helpful to find someone to listen to you as you think and learn.

There’s not much else to add, really. I just have realized how important a listener is and how I grow and the person listening grows as we both analyze what is going on from each perspective.

Thinking, listening, growing.


It’s all good stuff…

10/10 recommend!


Find a listener, start to talk, and figure out your thoughts.

Learning and growth will come.

And you won’t go it alone.



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