Preparing for battle.

When I am in a state of depression or anxiety (which is much too often for my liking), I start to reflect.

There are many areas of your life to assess during a time of self-reflection.

And these things change as you sit down each day or each time you reflect.

It is all a current reflection of what’s going on in your life at that point in time.

As I reflected last night, I thought about the thoughts I had been having recently that had been bothering me.

  • Why are these thoughts hampering me?
  • Why do these things matter to the point that it affects my mood/emotions?
  • What can I do to counter these thoughts with words of encouragement, faith, and love?

I then entered into battle mode.

When I enter into battle mode, I pull out my weaponry:

  • God’s Word.
  • Prayer.
  • Music.
  • Friends/Family Support.

Over time, I have learned a few things about fighting my internal battles with depression and anxiety:

  • Learning about your enemies is important in preparing for battle. If you don’t know what your enemy is, then how will you be able to know what to do to fight it? It is like watching film before a football game. You are preparing for the game by assessing the opposing side and figuring out how to take them down and what they are the best at. Studying your enemy is important.
  • Build your weaponry. If you are a soldier going into a battle with a spatula and a flyswatter, you will not get far. It is important to surround yourself with the tools you need to have in order to win. For me, turning to the Lord and His Word for direction, turning to friends and family for encouragement, and calming my spirit through prayer and music are the strongest weapons for myself. For everyone, your weaponry is different and it also changes with your types of battles. Build up your weapons for the fight.
  • Don’t expect to win every time. A 100% success rate sounds nice, and we want that, but it doesn’t end up like that. Unfortunately, there are points where we have to battle at our weakest. While we may lose a battle, we can always bounce back and focus on the next one up. If you stay stuck in the losing mindset, you’ll keep losing until it’s too late and you’ll take the L in the war. We don’t take L’s around here. Set yourself up for the W and it will work out.


All of these things are easier said than done, but by just realizing these ways to help prepare for battle, you are already setting yourself up in a great position.

Self-reflection builds up knowledge of yourself and gives you an insight on how you can overcome your inner enemies.


I am currently reading a book written by my pastor titled “Defeating the Enemy”, and this is where I am getting a lot of my help in fighting my battles.


Within the book, there are a few quotes/ideas that resonated with me:

  1. “Whatever goes on between your ears will either strengthen you or weaken you.”
  2. “When you continue to struggle and indulge in your struggles, a toehold becomes a foothold, which then can become a stronghold.”
  3. “Our worth comes from Him and not another.”
  4. “You must understand what is driving you when you’re broken.”
  5. “Battles are won or lost before they are ever fought.”
  6. “You are never more vulnerable to the enemy than when you’re alone.”


Here is what each quote means to me:

  1. Your mind is incredibly powerful, and I know this all too well. I constantly let my mind tell me things and move me toward things that are incredibly painful. That is why getting your mind right and using its power for good is extremely important. Protect your mind.
  2. Don’t let your struggles continue to hamper you. Move forward and plan to get them out. Once you are caught in a stronghold, it’s so hard to get out.
  3. God is so good and He provides me with my worth. No matter what I decide to put my time into, it never gives me the feeling of worth like God does.
  4. This quote ties into what I’ve been discussing. You have to reflect and figure out what is going on and why it’s breaking you. If you do not, you won’t be able to be prepared for any battle and you’ll continue to break.
  5. Prepare for battle!!!!!!
  6. This is the big hitter. I constantly convince myself I’m alone in times of pain and hurt. Not only do I have God to lean on, but I also have so many people in my life that will help me fight my battles and the longer I shut myself out from everyone around me, the longer I am stuck in brokenness. I don’t want to be stuck in brokenness. I want to cast my lonely feelings aside, find everyone and surround myself. It all starts with taking the step to finding someone. There are people who care for you, and even if they are all busy somehow, God is there. He is ALWAYS there.


Throughout the last few weeks, I am slowly building an arsenal of knowledge, weaponry, and an army full of people to help me fight my inner enemies.

I am so thankful for these times of learning, reflection, and growth.

I am also thankful for those who have sat down with me and listened to me when I need it the most.

I am constantly searching for answers and looking for help, so keep it coming!

I am continuing to build strength, ideas, my faith, my friendships, my positivity, my love for myself, my reach to others, and I am continuing to put my foot down and move forward.

Thank you for helping along my journey so far and I am going to keep battling with all of these weapons that are allowing me to win and move forward.

I am so thankful and hopeful right now, so let’s keep it going!


“Dear God, thank you so much for your love. I am so glad I am letting you work in me and that you are helping me fight these battles. I thank you that you’ve put so many people and things in my life to help me. I am so excited for what’s in store and I pray that you’d continue to help me focus on the positives and keep my weaponry strong and ready for battle. I love you Lord and I pray that you’d continue to use me as a light and that I’d move forward every day. Amen.”


“Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21



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