What’s going on?

As we intake our surroundings daily and see what’s going on, there are constant changes.

Right now in my life, there’s not too much.

I don’t mean that I am bored or lacking in action.

I am working, to my best ability, on maintaining focus in the areas I want to improve upon in my life and focus on healing.

I can feel some areas that are strong getting stronger, and other areas that feel kind of broken that need tending to.

All in all, it’s the constant battle of feeling like you “should be doing more” and “don’t stress yourself out”.

I am constantly trying to find balance.

Whether it is my physical schedule in time, my mental schedule in energy, my social schedule in output, etc.

Finding the balance that helps you simply function at your fullest.

Right now, it feels like it is a bit of “going through the motions”, but it is not boring or lacking in focus – it is more of a leveled effort to achieve specific growth and learning.

Work, faith, health, my dog – that’s basically the whole picture.

Is it really that simple?

I think so.

Work focus: My job is getting busier and I care greatly about my job and the impact made.

Faith focus: My faith is always important to me and it is re-focusing deeper into the core of my life and my peace.

Health focus: My health covers multiple pieces right now, with working on “simple” tasks, like drinking more water, going for walks, finding time for individual reflection, and making sure I stay connected with friends and family.

Kermit focus: My dog’s name is Kermit. He has had a tough couple of months with injuries and I want to make sure he is healing properly. He truly is my best friend, so I want him to return to happy healthy Kermit.

When you “go through the motions” of the days with a balanced focus, it can feel mundane.

However, when you dig deeper, you truly feel how each of those pieces impacts you.

I wouldn’t want it any other way right now.

I mean that towards my days – I would like many things in my life to be “better”, but that is the human nature of never being satisfied.

I simply took a step back, saw what’s going on.

Question: What’s going on?

The answer: Not too much, but all that I need.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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