The Chase of the Race.

Life constantly feels like we are chasing something.

Whether old or new…

An opportunity, a goal…

We are always running after something in hopes to obtain it for our lives.

Lately, for me, I have begun to analyze those pieces that I am chasing.

And I am deciding to walk for now.

I feel that I am constantly running in circles, dragging my energy from one place to another.

It’s funny, and I’ve spoken on this thought before, but I know what is in front of me that I want to obtain/add/remove from my life.

But it’s difficult to do that!

It’s not easy to just drop a habit, to pick up something brand new and run with it.

It takes time to learn addition and subtraction.

It also takes time to re-adjust the course of your race.

Not every day runs the same course.

There are bumps, detours, sharp turns, hills to climb…

Each day presents itself with something new to adjust to.

This makes it difficult at times to hold those focal points – the pieces you are chasing.

Deep down, those focal points are there until you obtain them.

I find that right now this is ever-present.

I see it – I can do it.

The finish line may not always seem within reach, but it’s encouraging that I can always see it.

For now, I want to stop drawing circles.

I find myself getting somewhere in the race, only to return to the starting line along the way.

I am not discouraged.

I am aware.

I am aware where the starting line is and where the finish line is.

I just need to walk along the way, carefully taking in what my focal points are seeing and doing.

As a slow, internal processor, I sometimes need to walk before I can run.

It doesn’t matter to me how fast I finish the race – I just simply want to finish.

So, today, I will take a walk.

From the starting line, hoping to maintain strong focal points…

Hoping to no longer draw circles…

Once I grasp the course of the day, I will then pick up the pace and run the race…

And I will soon see the finish line.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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