The Opportunity to Make an Impact.

As I maneuvered through my day a few days ago, my phone buzzed in my pocket.

I gazed at my phone with a soft smile and a warmed heart – I was notified by WordPress that I have reached over 10,000 views of my blog here (in over 60 countries), “Nelson Searcy’s Thought Sharing”.

When I began this blog in January of 2018, I planned to simply use it for my own journal.

I just wanted to write longer passages than my hand-written journal and be able to store them somewhere.

I figured my family might read them, just to see what was going on in my head sometimes.

Little did I know, this blog of thought sharing turned into a whole series of documenting my life’s ups and downs, sharing the pieces of my life and my thoughts that make me go every day.

I am constantly in a state of thought, wonder, and reflection.

Being able to simply capture those thoughts into words and messages is something I am thankful for enough.

To know that I have the opportunity to make an impact with those words is extremely touching.

I have had over 10,000 eyeballs read my words – the words that have helped me grow, move, and become who I am.

In turn, I always hope to do that for others.

I want to take advantage of this opportunity to make an impact.

Sharing growth, remaining grateful…

I could go on and on about this whole process day by day, step by step.

I want to simply share what I have learned, hoping others can learn too…

All I want to say is thank you.

Anyone who takes the time to read my posts, comment about my thoughts, engage with my content, and/or reach out to me directly, it all means the absolute world.

I am excited to continue this journey and hope to reach more people and continue to grow myself, too.

I am always trying my best.

I hope you all are learning from my trials.

Thank you…

So very much.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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