2022: What I Want.

I always have goals.

I always see ways I feel I can improve for myself and for others.

However, I oftentimes reserve those ways to be geared towards improvement for the world around me and for others.

I oftentimes don’t know what I truly want for myself.

Beyond the basic feelings of joy, contentment, peace…

All of these feelings we all seek as humans.

Knowing they can’t always be constant, where can we find these things?

For me, it can come from prayer.

It can come from reading.

It can come from music.

It can come from golf.

It can come from work.

It can come from school.

It can come from food.

It can come from travel.

It can come from money.

It can come from my family.

It can come from my friends.

It can come from my girlfriend.

It can come from my support.

It can come from my blog.

It can come from my podcast.

All in all, I am so thankful for all of these pieces of my life.

I know that all of those things I want.

So, I want to continue to focus on these pieces and more as I look to grow and better myself.

I know what I want – I want to be thankful and present in each of these pieces of my life.

I don’t always have to seek a “brand new” piece or goal.

I just want to seek what the pieces that make me feel loved, content, and at peace.

I hope we all can keep that kind of focus and maintaining growth and betterment in 2022.

As my favorite “TikToker” would say after any advice, “Good luck.”

I truly wish you all good luck in your 2022 endeavors and beyond.

I can. You can. We all can.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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