Unlock it.

In most days of our lives, we discover a new door of opportunity.

I’ve found that many times, those doors have been there for a while, we just haven’t been quite aware that they are there.

Once that awareness comes about, why don’t we just go through the door?

Well, sometimes it takes some awareness and understanding before we feel like walking through this new door.

Also, we might just not be in a space where we are ready.

We might need some time just to sit before we take a step through a new door.

The most important thing to remember for me is that I always have the key.

I can unlock it at any time.

It’s no one else’s door to take – this is my key and my opportunity to do something with it.

When we finally feel ready to unlock that door and take a step, let’s do it in confidence.

Confidence in knowing it’s supposed to be there.

Confidence in knowing opportunities are good.

Confidence in knowing we can do it.

Simple steps.

We keep moving.

By doing this, we always find another door of opportunity.

So, let’s use those keys.

Unlock a new step towards opportunity and growth.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

“I wish that I knew what I know now.”

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