Taking time to be thankful.

Yesterday, while on a drive, I found my mind being still.

Those moments are nice.

When the mind can rest and sit in the moment at hand.

I then looked around, scanning the view around me on my drive.

I started to point out things that I enjoyed.

Things that I was thankful for.

Not just in that moment, but ever.

I was able to spend 15 consecutive minutes of my drive taking a look around and just saying thank you out loud for these things I could see.

Whether it was grass, the clothes on my body, my favorite fast food chain, the road beneath me, the sky above me… it’s all things I am thankful for.

Things that I know provide value to myself and others in positive ways.

Each minute I spent doing this, the more I realized I don’t say thank you enough.

Not just to people around me, but internally realizing what all I have to be thankful for.

And on today, Memorial Day, we take time to say thank you to people who served our country.

Another reminder of the power of thanks.

I encourage you today to take a quick look around and take account of what you’re thankful for.

You’ll find so much and you’ll be reminded of how truly blessed we are to live life.

Even amongst the stress and the bad that is around, it’s hard to deny the beauty and the good.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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