Mindful Steps.

When I am in the midst of a challenge, I try to use whatever time I have available to think about my next step(s).

Sometimes that’s a few seconds, sometimes that’s a few days.

No matter how much time I have, my process seems to work the same each time.

Observe – analyze – plan – act – reflect.

Something like that, anyways.

When I make it through this process, I realize that the steps I am taking are mindful steps.

When I don’t make it through this process, the steps feel very awkward and all over the place.

It’s easy to be uncomfortable when our mind is not able to work how it needs to.

Whatever your process is, to figure out challenges, when we can’t do that, it makes it hard to keep moving forward.

Stressful, for sure.

We don’t want stressful steps – we want mindful steps.

We all know how our minds work and what helps us function the best.

Following this knowledge will help us be able to move forward.

For me, I just work to use that process that my mind works through and to complete it before I move forward.

I encourage you to work on that process today as you work through challenges in your own life.

Listen to your mind – it knows how things work and how you work best.

So, let’s do our best and take more mindful steps.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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