Hide and Seek.

You would think that what comes next in life would be easy to see.

It should be right in front of you, right?

Well, it usually doesn’t end up being what was thought to be next for us.

Other times, we can’t even find what’s next.

We feel stuck – we feel as if we have to do more work to figure it out.

When that happens, it’s like a game of hide and seek – except we don’t really want to play THIS game.

We want what’s next to be apparent – so we can plan, prepare, realize, idealize.

Life doesn’t always reveal itself.

I have found that the journey of playing hide and seek is an exciting one (literally and metaphorically).

Playing that game as a child, you never knew which corner you turned when you’d find what you were looking for.

Each step – anticipation, excitement, curiosity.

How come when we do this in life, it is often negative?

We see it as continued uncertainty, doubt, etc.

I encourage you, when you are looking for what’s next for you in your life, to approach the seeking from a position of excitement – excitement for the next opportunity, for your perseverance.

This next corner could be the one.

You never know until you keep seeking – we can’t just stop taking steps and turning corners.

Otherwise, we are left hiding ourselves.

We don’t want to hide – we want to shine.

Once that corner is turned and we find what has been hiding, we can grab it and keep taking steps.

Each corner, whether empty or not, provides opportunity.

Now, let’s just see where the next turn takes us.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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