The “golden rule” is a pretty well-known concept – treat others how you would want to be treated.

There are a lot of things in life that I value and have come to understand about people.

One of the most important things, to me, is the ability to keep it real with people.


Honesty – Openness – Vulnerability


Those things are very important to the success of any friendship, relationship, etc.

As I think about how I wish everyone was open and honest about things to me, I know that not many people are willing to be open to just anyone.


So, I have to think about what I can control.

I think it is very healthy to be able to be open and honest to people, and I have come to find that in my own life.


Here’s where that golden rule comes in to play, but in a different way: By being open and honest with those around me, I hope I can build the trust of others and they can keep it real with me, too.


Honesty is the best policy, so let’s continue to keep it real.


“All I ever asked is 100.” – Drake



One thought on “100.

  1. You can be honest but just not tell the whole truth about a situation. We just need to watch that part of the equation.


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