Don’t be afraid.

Fear is something that strikes and holds back people everywhere.

Fear makes me so mad.

Fear sucks.

Living out of fear, at its best, gets you nowhere. In most cases for me, it sets me back.

When I am on the golf course, every time I hit a shot that I am scared to hit, it’s a bad shot.


I let my fear cloud my vision.


When I need to talk to someone about something, I fear that my feelings will come across negatively, I will hurt their feelings, or they won’t care about what I have to say.

This fear causes me to not talk about it and just expect my feelings to be a bad thing.


I let my fear cloud my vision.


When I was younger, my mom said to me “I don’t want my kids to live out of fear, because I did for a long time. If my kids live out of fear, that means I didn’t teach them how to get through your fears and live confidently.”

Today, in a song, I heard the words “I know you’re scared of the unknown, you don’t want to be alone.”


Both of these quotes run true with me.

I know so many people who succumb to their fears and I personally have had many situations where I succumb to my fear and it hurts so much.

To know that you crumble out of fear and you go nowhere is so painful.

That’s why it angers me so much when I continue to let fear get in my way.

Knowing what holds me back and letting it hold me back is the most frustrating thing in the world.


That’s why you need to know what kicks that fear and allows you to win in confidence.

“Winning” in confidence, to me, means to be able to push that fear to the side, keep your head up, and push through towards your end.

For me, these fears arise from golf and people.

I want to play good golf.

I want to please people.

But there are so many factors that can make these things go the wrong way.


Let’s not think about the wrong way.

Every time we think about the wrong way, we put our focus on the wrong way.

Focus on the right way.

The right way is whatever gets you to where you want to be.

For me, the right way is turning to God for guidance and giving it all to Him, listening to positive music, breathing, and having a good focus.

If I can get my mind and my heart aligned, my confidence soars.

Because I know that confidence is not only from my own power, but God is right there backing me up and giving me more confidence than I could ever imagine.


Jeremiah 17:7 – “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.”


Trust in the Lord, find the right direction to go in your life, and focus on that direction.

Fear can’t get in your way if you’re headed in the right direction with the Lord by your side.

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