It pays to be patient.

Each time I look at my life, I feel like I know what I want.

And I want it NOW.

I don’t know how to get it or if it’s even possible, but I want it immediately.

It’s easy for us to look at our own lives and pick out our wants.

As I continually have done this over time, I constantly disappoint myself by not being able to immediately achieve “success”.

Or, as someone who likes to make plans, I would make a plan to achieve my success and I would fail, which would discourage me even further, knowing that I planned to fail.

Over time, the biggest thing that I discovered was that my wants were actually the things that I really need for my inner self.

Your needs are the things that make you run – and they aren’t just food, water, and shelter.

Your needs are emotional, spiritual, physical, social, mental, etc.

You need all of these areas to run like the well-oiled machines that we all have the potential to be.

You need things that show you how to smile, how to thrive, how to meditate, how to make friends, to be yourself.

As I discovered this fact in my life, I also realize how rare it is for all of these parts to line up together.

It takes a lot of time and effort physically and mentally to find out how to achieve the ultimate needs for each part of your self.

It also takes a long time to align these to where your inner self is aligned and perfectly running.

And it’s important to savor and enjoy those times – because they are the most fulfilling times of your life.

At this current point, I can say that I am almost there.

When I am using my current reflection time, I see this (scaled 1-10 on fulfillness):

Emotional needs: 7

Physical needs: 6

Social needs: 9

Mental needs: 10

Spiritual needs: 8


The fact that all of these areas are above a 5 at the same time is a great feeling, but it can never last.

It is so important to maintain balance with these things, because even if you are feeling good physically and you’re having a good time with your friends, you can only be doing well for so long before your mind and your emotions need to catcvh up.

The title of this post is plugged here:

“It pays to be patient”.

Patience is one of the most annoying virtues to deal with and comes with an unidentified time stamp.

Being patient while waiting for the 30 second microwaved noodles is much different when you have to be patient to wait for the right person to marry when that could take a lifetime.

It’s all about constant evaluation and setting realistic expectations.

For me, I have had to learn to trust God and give Him the reigns.

Because no matter how hard I try to make something happen, it takes way longer for it to happen than I want.

So why not let God help me through my walk of life and give me the patience and the trust that it will all be okay?

Just because it’s not okay now, doesn’t mean it never will be.

I know it hurts sometimes and you think it will never end, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere.

Whether it’s right in your face or miles away, it’s there and you’ll get there someday.

I found that the easiest times to be patient is when you write down your blessings and see how much you have going for you.

Everyone has so many things to be thankful for, but we always want “more”.

Before we keep focusing on “more” (which probably won’t be here for a while), let’s focus on what we have in our hands and make the most of it while it’s still here.

After all, you never know what’s coming next.

All we can do is continue to work on each part of ourselves and be patient.

Trust me, it feels AMAZING when it all comes together and your hard work is rewarded.

It truly does.



Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.




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