What do you want from life?

As I sit here today, I am thinking about my future.

Usually, those thoughts stress me out, but it feels different today.

I want to figure out what I want to do in all aspects of my life.

What kind of job do I want? What kind of relationships do I need? What will fulfill my specific needs?

Also, how will I get to these points?

All of these answers need to be tailored to the things that I feel are right for me. Not only what I feel, but most importantly, what will help me grow my relationship with the Lord and help grow others.

Also, I want all of these answers to be things that I am willing to put in 100% into and know for a fact that my return will be even greater.

Hopefully some of these questions/lists, and some of these answers will help you figure out some things in terms of how you should plan out your life according to what will fulfill you.


  1. What career are you looking to have?
  • I want a career that allows me to help talk to people and help them grow. When I am helping people through life and listening to others, I get a lot in return of learning how everyone’s different experiences shape them. I also want to teach those people ways that have helped me grow and use my life as an example to them. I want to lead people through their troubles and help them come out a much better person in all aspects. I always feel amazing when I am able to help people and see how my contributions helped them get from the bottom to the top. Mostly because I know how that feels myself. It’s an amazing feeling and I feel like I am here to help people through those experiences that shaped me. I want to use my words to help people, basically.


2. What relationships do you want to have?

  • Currently, I don’t really have any relationships (outside of my family) that are what I really look for. They aren’t toxic, but just not really what I need. My parents are extremely supportive of me and that’s really all I ask for. I just want someone to be there to listen to me, give me encouraging words, and to respect my thoughts. I definitely want to be married someday to someone who loves me for who I am. I want to always be 100% real and have them just love the heck out of my whole self. I want to give 100% to my wife and I want her to want to give 100% back. I don’t ask for much, other than being supportive, caring, and respectful. It doesn’t take a lot for me to be satisfied, but I am specific in what those few things are. Overall, I just want my wife to talk to me, give me a hug, and say “I love you and I’m proud of you.” If I can hear those words every day, I will be a very happy man.
  • Also, I want my friendships to be similar. I want my friends to be people I can always talk about and that I know care about me. I want to help my friends and support them because that’s all I want in return. All it takes is a few kind words and a little respect. I have a lot of good friends now, but I don’t have any specific friendships where I really get that. I don’t need many friends either, I just want a few that’ll be supportive and kind, and that makes all the difference.


3. What does a perfect day look like?

  • Wake up at 8:00 AM.
  • Shower and Eat a good breakfast.
  • Read and do a devotional.
  • Write some of my thoughts down.
  • Help someone through a trial.
  • Play 9 holes of golf.
  • Sing and listen to music.
  • Eat some food that fits my mood.
  • Pray and talk with God.
  • Hang out with a friend/significant other doing something we enjoy.
  • Ending the day with a life talk before bed.

From that, what activities are the most important to you?

  • Spending time with God
  • Spending time with those I care about
  • Talking about life
  • Helping people
  • Listening to music and singing along
  • Eating well
  • Playing golf
  • Writing
  • Reading


4. How do you want to grow your relationship with God?

  • I want to serve at my church with the youth. The middle school/high school/college students are the specific people that I want to target. That time was when I struggled the most and dealt with a lot of trials. I want to use my experiences and my words to help them deal with these things. I want to give them the strength to fight these battles head-on with God at the lead.
  • I want to pray, read, reflect, write, and talk with God at the forefront of these experiences. Every time I spend time with God, I feel at peace and it is something that fulfills me more than anything else. I want to use that time to read the Word, study it, write my thoughts, pray about specific things in my life, and thank God and worship Him. God is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I want to be with Him every day.
  • I want to schedule this time so that I can look forward to that time each day.



There is so much more I could talk about and discuss, but I want to use these few things as an example to all reading this.

I encourage everyone to sit down for some reflection time and think about your life right now.

After that, think about what you want your life to look like going forward.

Figure out what things fulfill you emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, etc.

Then, ask yourself some questions to provoke thoughts.

Write down your answers and begin planning how to achieve those things you are discussing to yourself about.


I can say that this process has been incredibly important to me, as it relieves a lot of stress and anxiety.

Every time I think about my future, I become fearful and question my ability to do things.

Sitting down and thinking about where I want to be in life has allowed me to plan, organize, and give myself hope/things to look forward to. I want to continue to grow each day and if you’re not growing, you’re going backward.


Life is really hard for me right now, specifically emotionally and mentally.

I am trying to get past addiction, deal with other temptations, deal with anxiety and depression, deal with feeling lonely, and deal with my negative image of myself.

Laying out this general plan has helped me a lot and gives me things to work towards because I know how all of those things help me and will help grow me as an individual, a friend, a mentor, a man, and a child of God.

I pray and hope that God will continue to take the reigns and that I would allow Him to do so. I seek to continue to plan and think about all of these things and about my life, so that I can grow, lead, support, love, and just be better.

Life is always a work in progress, so it’s time to start working hard.


“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” – Proverbs 16:3.



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