Day 26: Reflection.

As I move out of my townhouse at Rockhurst University tomorrow and complete my Sophomore year of college over the next few days, I am definitely feeling bittersweet as I look back on the year.


  • Made new friends
  • Close friendships became closer
  • Joined a fraternity (Getting involved)
  • Freed mind some of anxiety while golfing


  • Didn’t enjoy my classes
  • Didn’t stay very rooted in my faith
  • Didn’t make as positive of an impact as I wanted

All in all, as I look upon this past school year, I understand everything and why it has happened. Although a lot of things went wrong this year for me, mainly mentally, I was able to fight through them and get to the finish line of this academic year. It makes me sad to realize the opportunities I had to better myself in my own eyes and in the eyes of others, but I know that I will continue to have many opportunities. I need to stop letting my miscues and my missed opportunities get me down. God has laid out a wonderful path of opportunity that I can’t see stopping anytime soon because I know the talents God has given me and I want to use those to reach people and to be a light to all of those I see.

I have so much ahead of me that I can take advantage of because I am learning from my past experiences, maturing, and using God to work through me in every which way.

Staying positive and pushing forward.

Now, onto the summer.

Nelson, let’s thrive and be a light.

Updates to come!

Nelson Searcy

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