Day 1: Realizations and First Steps.

I have taken some time over the past few hours to reflect on myself and who I am and I think I am ready to make some changes.

A list of ways I would like to improve and how:

  • Making time for my faith. God has always been there for me and I want to be all in for Him as I go about every day life, no matter how everything is going for me. God is my rock and I can’t live without Him. I plan on integrating at least 15 minutes of “God and I time” each day as a way for us to connect personally.
  • Making time for my family. I definitely love my family and appreciate everything they do for me, but I don’t spend enough time with them or show them how much they mean to me. I want to spend at least 1 night a week to at least talk with my family on the phone and hopefully, hang out with them and just have some fun and make memories together.
  • Become a better, powerful influence to the world around me, especially my friends. I always talk about how much my faith means to me, but I am always finding myself not walking the walk and just talking the talk. That will require some accountability from not only myself, but from the people around me as I share the changes that I would like to make. I want to be more self-aware of what I am doing around people and I want to show them what the best version of myself is: God-loving, God-fearing, motivated, confident, and comedic. I want my friends and acquaintances to get the best me that I can offer!


There are a lot of little things I would like to change (exercise more, drink more water, practice golf more, etc.) but I am going to start with big picture items and let everything else fall into place where it may. I am so excited for my upcoming journey as I grow and mature in Christ and in my life. I have a long way to go until I believe that I am who I want to be, but I am finally making my first step in making all of these things become a part of who I am.

If anyone would ever like to talk to me about my progress, discuss their own lives and where they stand, or just want to say hello, feel free!

Day 1: Signing out,

Nelson Samuel Searcy

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